For Chamber Orchestra of Western and Eastern Instrument and Electronic Music - Lingering Charm of Silk Road

The work takes you on a magic and romantic musical ride back to the magnificent Tang Dynasty. The show starts with the uplifting sound of drums, followed by the grandeur when all instruments start to play. You will be taken back to the thriving and infatuating Tang Dynasty, dazzled by the Gods and Goddesses in Chinese mythology flying to the heavenly palace, all thrilled up by the wuthering pasture and wilderness, fascinated by the breath-takingly and mysteriously beautiful scenery of the West Regions, and infilled with the great dreams and aspirations on the Silk Road. Lingering Charm of the Silk Road uses traditional Chinese folk music as its structural core, through the adoption of Guzheng, Chinese Flute, Pipa, Chinese Big Drum and other traditional instruments. But the work also blends in electronic music, creating a free and vigorous music space through the unique sounds of electronics. The traditional sounds vibe with modern electronic beats, tranquility fuse with movements and reality merge with virtuality. Through all this, the work aims to create a dialogue between the conventional and modern, and to deliver a concept of musical art divided by no boundaries. "The end of all our explorations is to go back to the beginning and really to start to understand." The creator will present to you the Lingering Charm of the Silk Road, a vibrant and thrilling journey of fusion. Chen YaoxianYoung composer, music producer, sound artist. Shanghai Computer Music Association member, National Art Fund 2023 Young Creative talent, Shanghai Music Institute of electronic music composition doctoral candidate.As a composer, he works in a wide range of genres, including chamber music, orchestral music, and electronic music. His works have won many awards in various competitions, including IEMC International Electronic Music Competition and Huichuang Youth Competition.As a member of Shanghai Conservatory of Music New Media Alliance, he participated in the 43rd ICMC International Computer Music Conference, EMW New Music Alliance special concert, Shanghai/FA-IRCAM International Forum, Future Traditional-New Media Music Forum and delivered his works for public performance. Collaborating orchestras include: Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai City Symphony Orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Jade Zheng TroupeAs a music producer, he has designed and produced music for Oriental Pearl Art Museum, Hangzhou Asian Games, and created diversified music for music projects of Tencent, NetEase, Giant, Huawei and other companies.


BI-AN 5.0 Hypermedia Recital

Bi-AN 5.0represents the culmination and further advancement of the Bi-AN Piano Hypermedia series of artistic forms. It continues to expand the boundaries of piano literature, exploring the possibilities of collaborative innovation through means such as live piano performance, automatic piano, contemporary dance, interactive visuals and lighting, interactive sound, AI media generation, creating a hypermedia, sensory interconnected audio-visual space. Anchored by classical and original piano works, it connects the sounds of the past and present from around the world, converging into a borderless historical narrative poem.Live piano music performance remains the creative starting point for all concepts, media, and technologies, with piano as the source in dimensions of sight/sound and time/space. While breaking through traditional artistic mediums, it upholds the intrinsic value of music and the integrity of sensory experiences.The selection of the program in this event continues the pattern of dialogue between Chinese and western music compositions, as seen in the Bi-AN series. Among them, young composers Qin Yi and Xu Zhibo, who were previously nominated for the Rising Artists Works at the China Shanghai International Arts Festival, bring their new compositions. The highly acclaimed media-upgraded version of Stravinskys The Rite of Spring, previously performed in version 3.0, will also be presented. Additionally, the concert will feature works by both Chinese and composers outside China, including Arvo Pärt, György Kurtág and Shao Qing, connecting those enduring sonic memories with new creative concepts and interpretative forms within the river of time. Bi-AN Hypermedia StudioBi-AN Hypermedia Studio is an open-ended creative and production team composed of new media artists, performing artists, composers and engineers. They are dedicated to innovative music composition and performance; collaborative design of traditional and contemporary music with new media technology from both Eastern and Western traditions, as well as practical research and development in electronic music, sound installations, and performance technology. They advocate for interdisciplinary artistic fusion, promotion, and dissemination that transcends cultural, geographical, media, and technological barriers.


Music Tales of the Beginning of Time

Tales of the Beginning of Time is a multidisciplinary, international project that narrates the story of how the world was created. It describes the intricate transitions from a pre-existential chaos towards a world with order and meaning. The performance materialises a short episode in the history of the universe. Through instruments and visual effects, and electronics, Tales of the Beginning of Time explores the geometry of space in order to rediscover the structure of time both on a microscopic and a macroscopic level. We comprehend the world by telling stories to ourselves. Every cultural context has its own narratives and mythology, but there are areas and concepts where different mythogeographies overlap significantly. The creation of time and the construction of order is a tale that transcends borders and multiplies itself in every location. The Pangósmos Collective has oriented its dramaturgical research towards recognising patterns that emerge in different contexts. Instead of falling into the trap of over-generalising some common patterns, we prioritised the creation of a new mythology. This stems from our understanding of tradition and unites the past with the contemporary and future worries. In the technologically reproducible era of climate destruction and the chthulucene, the emergence of new sense-making narratives is - for us - an absolute necessity. Even though the members of Pangósmos come from different backgrounds, disciplines and continents, the imminent threats we all face provided us with enough space to dig into our own influences and practices, and bring into the group tools and elements that were very close and personal. The juxtaposition of each individuals inputs and the gradual interweaving of our ideas into one palimpsest has created a piece of music that is both surprising, but also traditional; personal, as well as universal; cosmic, but also very thoroughly detailed. Tales of the Beginning of Time explores the temporality of the self as much as it explores the temporality of the universe. Pangósmos Collective The Pangosmós Collective is an established multi-disciplinary artistic group composed of contemporary artists, producers, and musicians associated with University of the Arts Helsinki. We focus on multicultural art processes that enriches from the diversity of its members while engaging and researching from multiple communities and cultures. Specialising in contemporary music, improvisation, live electronics, and visual works, the group operates by creating multidimensional works that will engage the past with todays reality; raising awareness on current global issues. We believe that the diversity of perspectives and experiences of our members create a strong, profound output of our productions. We are committed to being relevant to society and using our collective knowledge and expertise to create meaningful works of art. We recognize the power of art in todays technologically advanced world and see it as our responsibility as the new generation to continue its development and availability for positive purposes.


Mask & Physical Theatre Face3.0

This is an original theatre production focusing on "the spiritual world of the elderly". The mask and body are the core artistic expression of the work, which is a performing art genre rarely seen on the domestic stage. Through the mask and body expression, the realistic topic of the elderly in contemporary society is interpreted, and how to release the power of body expression through the integration of multi-form art is the core exploration of Face3.0. Face3.0 attempts to interpret the story closely related to everyone in an innovative art form, reflecting this corner that has been neglected by The Times, based on the current background of an increasingly aging population. Combining various art forms and creative techniques such as drama, modern dance, butoh, etc., such as become, transformation, image memory and other creative thinking in butoh art, and re-deconstructing life topics such as "aging" and "death" in a humorous way. Xiao ZhirenModern dancer, choreographer, dancing healer, artistic director of Zen Experimental Theater, guest tutor of Natalia Medina Dance Company of Spain, guest dancer with Eysenputh Dance Company of Australia, guest dancer with Hong Kong Multi-Space Dance Company. Xiao Zhiren was awarded International Choreographer of the Year 2011 by the American Dance Festival.Honors: Bronze Award in the 15th Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (2022), Best Choreographer and Most Popular Award in the 23rd MASDANZA International Choreography Competition in Spain/Jury Special Choreography Cooperation Award (2019), 6th Body Radical Most Popular Audience Award of Budapest National Dance Theatre in Hungary and the Highest Award of Touchpoint Arts Fund (2019), Silver Award of the 32nd International Choreography Competition in Hannover, Germany (2018).Personal works: No Body, which was selected into Young Artist Display Unit of Young Dancer Nurturing Plan in 2020; Relationship, which was toured in multiple art festivals of Europe and Macao in 2019; Paper Man, which was invited to be performed by the 2018 Hong Kong Dance Company Platform Art Festival; and Human, which was invited to be performed by the 2019 Hong Kong I-Dance Dance Festival; CHAOS (Na Han), which has been invited to attend Spain Art Festival in October; Eternal MusicWild Bodies(MiyinYe Zhiti), which will be performed at Half Mountain Dancing Human Art Festival.


Drama - Barren Land

Welcome to the future after tens of thousands of years. The earth is overexploited and the land, all barren. Most human beings have migrated to the outer planet while the last group of them are waiting to be picked up. Unable to grow crops, the last of human beings left on earth survive on airdropped nutrition packs, which are scientifically formulated by chemical nutritional reagents. Nutrition packs are decreasing, but the number of people, keeps growing. Everyone scrambles for the nutrition packs, except for one person, because every day when he wakes up, his locker is already filled with delicious food. Day in day out, he doesn`t know where all this food comes from and he carefully hides this secret until he discovers that he can use the food to control all peoples fate. Gradually, he becomes greedy and mad. His discontented desire is like a black hole, devouring others, like it is devouring himself. Falling, falling, completely falling into the unfathomable darkness and, suddenly the point of light shedding life in the very beginning, flashes across his mind... But this time, will hope fall from the above, again? Ivy ShaoLevel III scriptwriter, member of Shanghai Theatre Association. Ivy graduated from Film and Television Arts Department of Shang Film Academy, Shanghai University, and further pursued advanced study in Drama Literature Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy. She was supported by National Art Fund for young artistic talents and Shanghai Culture Development Foundation for young scriptwriters. She has also won Lao She Youth Theatre and Drama Literature Award, China Outstanding Original Script Award with Political and Legal Theme, Finalist Award of Theatre and Drama China, and Golden Thrushcross Excellent Childrens Script Award, etc. Ivy Shaos major scriptwriter works: Play Echo of the Niyang River, Musical Ancient God of Drought, Play Qingpu Police Story, Childrens Play Fantastic Garden, Musical Tale of Wuxia, Play Walking alone at Midnight, Childrens Play Amazing Friends, etc. Li HaiyuanMaster candidate of Directing Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy, young director, and choreographer. Li Haiyuans works include: Play Gone with the River, Play Death of the Law Officer, Dance Theatre White and Black Fish, Literary Drama Homecoming, etc. She has won the Best Director Award of Dream Chasing Drama Festival, Think Youth Drama and Dance Award, and has joined the First-class Graduate Education Leading Program of STA and made it into the final selection of the Beijing Nanluogu Lane Theatre Festival for two consecutive years. Meanwhile, Li Haiyuans works have been successively performed in the 11th Shanghai International Little-theatre Festival and Asia-Pacific Bond of Theatre Schools Conference Festival.


Visual Yue Opera - Vision

The play is based on Lao Shes one and only romance novel Vision, which is based on the authors first love story, and can be considered as an autobiographical work. The figure of Lao Shes first love has also appeared many times in his other masterpieces. The play retains the narrative of the original work, through stream of consciousness. In the play, there is a leading role - I. Following the leading role through the multilayered space built up by reality, dream, memory, and fantasy, the audience will pursue the truth of this seemingly beautiful love tragedy. The memoir is a mixture of truth and falsehood, which is like a maze of consciousness. The haziness of first love encounter, the huge difference in identity, the missing out on their love, the wane of the family, the mans runaway and return, the womans falling into a prostitute and her death. In form, the play gives full play to the lyricism and performance characteristics of Yue opera combining virtuality and reality, blends images and videos into live stage performance, and fuses Yue opera music with electronic music. The stage designed as a "Memory Garden", the play features a new theatrical performance mode through use of various elements, exploring the interpretation of literature onto theatrical scenes and the conversion from literary rhetoric to theatrical rhetoric, bringing audience an immersive experience into the world of consciousness. Wang WannaWang Wanna is currently a young actress with Shanghai Yue Opera Troupe, and a representative of a new generation of disciples in "Xu (Yulan) Artistic Style". She graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, majoring in Xiao Sheng (Young Male Character), and studied under the guidance of Wang Xiuyue, a famous actress, and Qian Huili, a contemporary Yue Opera artist. Previous Works: Dream of the Red Chamber (Hong Lou Meng), Prince Liu Chen (Bei Di Wang), Chasing Fish (Zhui Yu), The Romance of West Bower (Xi Xiang Ji), Jade Hairpin (Yu Zan Ji), The Legend of Chunxiang (Chunxiang Zhuan), A Midsummer Nights Dream (Zhong Xia Ye Zhi Meng), Twelve Characters (Shi Er Jiao Se), Red Chamber: The Music Theatre of Yue Opera, and many others.Previous Awards: In 2013, Wang Wanna was selected as one of the top ten contestants in the student category at CCTV Yue Opera Competition, and won the runner-up prize. In 2017, she received the "Newcomer Award" (Large-scale Works) in Shanghai Stage Art Works Selection Exhibition. In 2018, she received the "Newcomer Leading Character Award" at the 28th Shanghai Magnolia Drama Performance Awards. In 2019, she was selected for the 7th Shanghai Literature and Art Award "Young Artists Development Program", and won the "Golden Art Award" in the "Yuemei Zhonghua" National Yue Opera Youth Actors/Actresses Grand Performance. In 2021, she received the "Silver Award" at the "Leixiang Zhonghua" National Youth Opera Invitational Tournament. In 2022, she received the Shanghai Youth May Fourth Medal (for Individual). Zhu Yanming Zhu Yanming received her Bachelors degree in Industrial Design from Tongji University and her Master degree of Fine Arts (MFA) in Stage Art Design from Shanghai Theatre Academy. In recent years, Zhu Yanming has been involved in the following productions as a scenic designer: Yue Opera The Dreamers Reverie (Yi Meng Ren) and Kun Opera Lady Yuefei (Yuefei Furen). She was the overall planner for the small theater production of Yue Opera Testing the Wife (Shi Qi) and the director and multimedia designer for the contemporary light and shadow show Poets Dreams of Flowers (Zuihuaing). She was the multimedia designer for the Yue Opera concert Boudoir (Gui) Show and the little theater Kun Opera production Peach Blossom and Beauty (Taohua Renmian). She was the director and the film art designer for Yue Opera microfilms Her (Ta)! and Song of The Fishermen (Yuguang Qu). Zhu Yanming has also published papers such as The Coexistence of Reality and Illusion - A Perspective on the Development of Stage Art in Yue Opera Reforms and The Breakthrough and Establishment of Traditional Opera Broadcasting in the Era of All-Media.


Drama - The Fade, The Blue

Winter it is. A desolate and barren community stands amongst the wuthering wind, like the end of the world. A man returns to his empty house, searching for a secret hidden within the two-bedroom house. He is about to tell a memory that is kept here, a love story that takes place during the time of quarantine. A man, and a woman. An upstair room and a downstair one. Everything unfolds at twelve oclock midnight in the first room, and everything ends at six oclock morning in the second room. Progress is constantly stagnated, communication blocked by languages, and bodies separated by the ceiling. The illusionist downstairs curls up in his room, measuring the distance between himself and life. The new tenant upstairs reverses day and night, weaving an ensemble of noises and whispers. The man, and the woman, conflicted by time and connected through sound, gradually walk into each others heart after fourteen sleep-aiding ASMR nights. The indistinct sound from upstairs still lingers around the mans ears. Love of young birds, intertwining with the history of the community, gives the faded buildings a new coat of color. He wanders through the gray courtyard like a ghost, trapped in the cycle of repetitive memories. How can he turn the fleeting love into eternity? Ma Xuan Ma Xuan graduated from the Dramatic Literature Department of the Central Academy of Drama. She directed the online theater production White Night and participated in the 15th Beijing Fringe Festival. Her original script "This Morning and Last Nights Dream" was selected for the Shanghai YOUNG Theater GOAT Special Youth Theater Exhibition Drama Reading Unit. As a playwright, she collaborated with the New Youth Group on three adaptation works: Metamorphosis, World on a Wire and The Master and Margarita. These works have been invited to participate in prestigious art festivals such as Wuzhen Theater Festival and Aranya Theater Festival for multiple times.


Solo Exhibition Project - Unnamed Road

This exhibition is ZHOU Songkais personal project, curated by GUO Yujia and LYU Yinuo as executive curator. The visual-audio assemblage of artists painting and moving image summon the site as a road of walking.When the road stretches itself to its end,it is the moment that the road begins-----reciprocates as such. Such reciprocation means lingering in this alienated but acquainted field, as if a vagrancy in homeland. Viewers wander here, and the works here reveal and open themselves in their regarding on this walking road, hence the very time the name of this unnamed road is summoned. Zhou SongkaiZhou Songkai was born in Henan, China in 1992. He studied filmmaking, literature and aesthetics at the China Academy of Art and the Royal College of Art. His works focus on the dialogue between the individual existential condition and the collective memory of public life. He continuously explores and inquires about the kinship between natural elements and human beings, as well as the historical traces of landscapes and objects in the living space of the current technological era. The road serves as a metaphorical imagery in his works, weaving the individuals personal experience of fate and freedom, existence and emptiness. His works span a diverse range of forms such as poetry, painting, film, photography and other artistic media. In his film works, he utilises non-logical implicit narrative to explore the visual poetics of cinematography in the flow of time.

Visual Arts

Group Exhibition Project - Untitled

Rising Artists Works (R.A.W.!) commissioned curator Wang Yiquans group exhibition Untitled departs from a sustainable perspective and echoes his recent research in the creative practices of his peer artist community in China. The curatorial concept of Untitled pursues from Wangs exhibition project Fellows(2022), held at the SNAP, the School of Visual Arts Art Platform in Shanghai, and it continues exploring the diverse visual lexicon and generational phenomena of Chinas Post - 80s artists.*Participating Artists (in alphabetical order by surname): 33EMYBW, Geng Yini, Fang Di, He Qiwo, Huang Cheng, Li Tingwei, Yan Yibo, Zou Chen Wang YiquanWang Yiquan is a curator and artist active in the field of contemporary art in China. His creative practice and research interests are focused on image production, film, performance, the cultural identity of the post-80s generation, and urbanism. For more than a decade, Wang Yiquan has been dedicated to addressing a variety of interrelated complex issues, and his artistic approach and practice are diverse yet highly integrated. He has curated thematic exhibitions at several art institutions, including the Rencontres dArle (Arles, France, 2023), Shanghai International Film Festival (Shanghai, 2023), Jimei×Arles International Photo Festival (Xiamen, 2022), Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (Shanghai, 2021), Contemporary Theatre Biennale/ ShenzhenFutian (Shenzhen, 2018), Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (Shanghai, 2017), and Beijing Design Week (Beijing, 2016), among others.Wang Yiquan, born in 1987 in Beijing, China, currently works and lives in Shanghai and Beijing. He studied at Beijing International Studies University, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Central Saint Martins College of Art. He is also a founding partner of Active Space Design Studio.

Visual Arts