Mask & Physical Theatre Face3.0

This is an original theatre production focusing on "the spiritual world of the elderly". The mask and body are the core artistic expression of the work, which is a performing art genre rarely seen on the domestic stage. Through the mask and body expression, the realistic topic of the elderly in contemporary society is interpreted, and how to release the power of body expression through the integration of multi-form art is the core exploration of Face3.0. Face3.0 attempts to interpret the story closely related to everyone in an innovative art form, reflecting this corner that has been neglected by The Times, based on the current background of an increasingly aging population. Combining various art forms and creative techniques such as drama, modern dance, butoh, etc., such as become, transformation, image memory and other creative thinking in butoh art, and re-deconstructing life topics such as "aging" and "death" in a humorous way. Xiao ZhirenModern dancer, choreographer, dancing healer, artistic director of Zen Experimental Theater, guest tutor of Natalia Medina Dance Company of Spain, guest dancer with Eysenputh Dance Company of Australia, guest dancer with Hong Kong Multi-Space Dance Company. Xiao Zhiren was awarded International Choreographer of the Year 2011 by the American Dance Festival.Honors: Bronze Award in the 15th Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (2022), Best Choreographer and Most Popular Award in the 23rd MASDANZA International Choreography Competition in Spain/Jury Special Choreography Cooperation Award (2019), 6th Body Radical Most Popular Audience Award of Budapest National Dance Theatre in Hungary and the Highest Award of Touchpoint Arts Fund (2019), Silver Award of the 32nd International Choreography Competition in Hannover, Germany (2018).Personal works: No Body, which was selected into Young Artist Display Unit of Young Dancer Nurturing Plan in 2020; Relationship, which was toured in multiple art festivals of Europe and Macao in 2019; Paper Man, which was invited to be performed by the 2018 Hong Kong Dance Company Platform Art Festival; and Human, which was invited to be performed by the 2019 Hong Kong I-Dance Dance Festival; CHAOS (Na Han), which has been invited to attend Spain Art Festival in October; Eternal MusicWild Bodies(MiyinYe Zhiti), which will be performed at Half Mountain Dancing Human Art Festival.