Music Tales of the Beginning of TimeOct. 20 - Oct. 21, 2023  Venue New Space Theater, STA

Tales of the Beginning of Time is a multidisciplinary, international project that narrates the story of how the world was created.  It describes the intricate transitions from a pre-existential chaos towards a world with order and meaning.  The performance materialises a short episode in the history of the universe.  Through instruments and visual effects, and electronics, Tales of the Beginning of Time explores the geometry of space in order to rediscover the structure of time both on a microscopic and a macroscopic level.  We comprehend the world by telling stories to ourselves.  Every cultural context has its own narratives and mythology, but there are areas and concepts where different mythogeographies overlap significantly.  The creation of time and the construction of order is a tale that transcends borders and multiplies itself in every location.  The Pangósmos Collective has oriented its dramaturgical research towards recognising patterns that emerge in different contexts.  Instead of falling into the trap of over-generalising some common patterns, we prioritised the creation of a new mythology.  This stems from our understanding of tradition and unites the past with the contemporary and future worries.  In the technologically reproducible era of climate destruction and the chthulucene, the emergence of new sense-making narratives is - for us - an absolute necessity.  Even though the members of Pangósmos come from different backgrounds, disciplines and continents, the imminent threats we all face provided us with enough space to dig into our own influences and practices, and bring into the group tools and elements that were very close and personal.  The juxtaposition of each individual's inputs and the gradual interweaving of our ideas into one palimpsest has created a piece of music that is both surprising, but also traditional; personal, as well as universal; cosmic, but also very thoroughly detailed.  Tales of the Beginning of Time explores the temporality of the self as much as it explores the temporality of the universe.



Pangósmos Collective 

The Pangosmós Collective is an established multi-disciplinary artistic group composed of contemporary artists, producers, and musicians associated with University of the Arts Helsinki. We focus on multicultural art processes that enriches from the diversity of its members while engaging and researching from multiple communities and cultures. Specialising in contemporary music, improvisation, live electronics, and visual works, the group operates by creating multidimensional works that will engage the past with today’s reality; raising awareness on current global issues.  We believe that the diversity of perspectives and experiences of our members create a strong, profound output of our productions.  We are committed to being relevant to society and using our collective knowledge and expertise to create meaningful works of art.  We recognize the power of art in today’s technologically advanced world and see it as our responsibility as the new generation to continue its development and availability for positive purposes.