Drama - Barren LandOct. 27 - Oct. 28, 2023  Venue Duanjun Theatre, STA

Welcome to the future after tens of thousands of years.  The earth is overexploited and the land, all barren.  Most human beings have migrated to the outer planet while the last group of them are waiting to be picked up.  Unable to grow crops, the last of human beings left on earth survive on airdropped nutrition packs, which are scientifically formulated by chemical nutritional reagents.  Nutrition packs are decreasing, but the number of people, keeps growing.  Everyone scrambles for the nutrition packs, except for one person, because every day when he wakes up, his locker is already filled with delicious food.  Day in day out, he doesn`t know where all this food comes from and he carefully hides this secret until he discovers that he can use the food to control all people’s fate.  Gradually, he becomes greedy and mad. His discontented desire is like a black hole, devouring others, like it is devouring himself.  Falling, falling, completely falling into the unfathomable darkness and, suddenly the point of light shedding life in the very beginning, flashes across his mind...  But this time, will hope fall from the above, again?



Ivy Shao

Level III scriptwriter, member of Shanghai Theatre Association.  Ivy graduated from Film and Television Arts Department of Shang Film Academy, Shanghai University, and further pursued advanced study in Drama Literature Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy.  She was supported by National Art Fund for young artistic talents and Shanghai Culture Development Foundation for young scriptwriters.  She has also won Lao She Youth Theatre and Drama Literature Award, China Outstanding Original Script Award with Political and Legal Theme, Finalist Award of Theatre and Drama China, and “Golden Thrushcross” Excellent Children's Script Award, etc.  Ivy Shao’s major scriptwriter works: Play Echo of the Niyang River, Musical Ancient God of Drought, Play Qingpu Police Story, Children's Play Fantastic Garden, Musical Tale of Wuxia, Play Walking alone at Midnight, Children's Play Amazing Friends, etc.


Li Haiyuan

Master candidate of Directing Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy, young director, and choreographer. Li Haiyuan’s works include: Play Gone with the River, Play Death of the Law Officer, Dance Theatre White and Black Fish, Literary Drama Homecoming, etc.  She has won the Best Director Award of Dream Chasing Drama Festival, “Think Youth” Drama and Dance Award, and has joined the First-class Graduate Education Leading Program of STA and made it into the final selection of the Beijing Nanluogu Lane Theatre Festival for two consecutive years.  Meanwhile, Li Haiyuan’s works have been successively performed in the 11th Shanghai International Little-theatre Festival and Asia-Pacific Bond of Theatre Schools Conference Festival.