For Chamber Orchestra of Western and Eastern Instrument and Electronic Music - Lingering Charm of Silk RoadOct. 20 - Oct. 21, 2023  Venue New Space Theater, STA

The work takes you on a magic and romantic musical ride back to the magnificent Tang Dynasty.  The show starts with the uplifting sound of drums, followed by the grandeur when all instruments start to play.  You will be taken back to the thriving and infatuating Tang Dynasty, dazzled by the Gods and Goddesses in Chinese mythology flying to the heavenly palace, all thrilled up by the wuthering pasture and wilderness, fascinated by the breath-takingly and mysteriously beautiful scenery of the West Regions, and infilled with the great dreams and aspirations on the Silk Road.  Lingering Charm of the Silk Road uses traditional Chinese folk music as its structural core, through the adoption of Guzheng, Chinese Flute, Pipa, Chinese Big Drum and other traditional instruments.  But the work also blends in electronic music, creating a free and vigorous music space through the unique sounds of electronics.  The traditional sounds vibe with modern electronic beats, tranquility fuse with movements and reality merge with virtuality.  Through all this, the work aims to create a dialogue between the conventional and modern, and to deliver a concept of musical art divided by no boundaries.  "The end of all our explorations is to go back to the beginning and really to start to understand."  The creator will present to you the Lingering Charm of the Silk Road, a vibrant and thrilling journey of fusion.



Chen Yaoxian

Young composer, music producer, sound artist. Shanghai Computer Music Association member, National Art Fund 2023 Young Creative talent, Shanghai Music Institute of electronic music composition doctoral candidate.

As a composer, he works in a wide range of genres, including chamber music, orchestral music, and electronic music. His works have won many awards in various competitions, including IEMC International Electronic Music Competition and Huichuang Youth Competition.

As a member of Shanghai Conservatory of Music New Media Alliance, he participated in the 43rd ICMC International Computer Music Conference, EMW New Music Alliance special concert, Shanghai/FA-IRCAM International Forum, Future · Traditional-New Media Music Forum and delivered his works for public performance. Collaborating orchestras include: Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai City Symphony Orchestra, Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, Jade Zheng Troupe

As a music producer, he has designed and produced music for Oriental Pearl Art Museum, Hangzhou Asian Games, and created diversified music for music projects of Tencent, NetEase, Giant, Huawei and other companies.