Physical Theatre - Right but leftOct. 21 - Oct. 22, 2023  Venue Black Box Theatre,STA

It’s a drama of "relationships".  The creation comes from the lonely sentiment and confusion the creator still catches walking among the crowd.  Such unspeakable feelings, go beyond words for expression and the stories are created more through the catch of intuition.  To the left of the right, and to the right of the left.  Endless stories weave into the distance of romantically bitter connotations and beautiful but cruel poems between people and people, and between human and the world.



 Zhao Miao

Theatre director.  In 1996, he founded Theatre SanTuoQi in Beijing and has been its director ever since.  He is also the Teacher of Directing Department of the Central Academy of Drama.  "Sad Humor" and "Magnificent Imagination" are the unique features of Zhao Miao's plays, while manifesting a "physical poetry" is his pursuit and relentless exploration.  Till 2023 he has created more than 40 stage works.  Zhao Miao is a significant trailblazer in the field of physical drama creation, research and education in China.