Experimental Dance Drama: Qi10.21 18:00/20:00  

"Qi", as an experimental dance drama, is made up of artists from the Act and Dance majors, presenting the external of "Qi" and the spirit of "Qi"; and using the core technology of the “BODY ARCHITECT” training method: the micro body 25 moving points to develop the body, form body language cipher, body building space, and Space forms dialogue and interaction.What is the body? What is the essence of dance? What is the language of the future? This has always been the source of my creative enthusiasm and the chance of every step. As a dancer, an artist, the relationship between the body and the spirit, I have been concerned and actively practice the theme in recent years. What is the meaning of our choice to be "human"? What is the composition and possibility of "man"? And so on, these thoughts inspire me to start the imagination, conception and creation of this work, try to find a spontaneous internal structure of the interaction between the body and the space, and we will start from the unknown improvisation, establish or find order from it.