Crossover Stage Play From East To West10.18 19:15;10.19 14:00/19:30  STA Experimental Theatre

 The concept of art theatre, which features theatrical elements, has been formed by taking music as the core and combining it with the ideas of multimedia vision and installation art. Eight works are presented as an attempt to explore from different dimensions and spiritual temperament the "modern Western interpretation of the traditional Eastern spirit". Music, media, installation and other artistic techniques play a leading role in the works: the enthusiastic Xinjiang-style meets the deep restrained Blues with the help of the traditional chamber music, dancers dance freely in the New Age style for the string quartet, the dialogue between the modern a cappella and the traditional morin khuur constitutes a wonderful polyphony, and the beats in the music transcend the boundary of races.



Following the concept of the post-theatre, From East to West has attached equal importance to the music and other elements of the theater. Unlike the music or theatrical theater, it makes elements such as painting, performing, music, dance and drama different roles on the stage, generating a new tension in the same space as time goes by. This is also what is peculiar to a crossover art theater.