Visual Yue Opera - VisionOct. 27 - Oct. 28, 2023  Venue New Space Theater, STA

The play is based on Lao She's one and only romance novel Vision, which is based on the author’s first love story, and can be considered as an autobiographical work.  The figure of Lao She's first love has also appeared many times in his other masterpieces.  The play retains the narrative of the original work, through stream of consciousness.  In the play, there is a leading role - I.  Following the leading role through the multilayered space built up by reality, dream, memory, and fantasy, the audience will pursue the truth of this seemingly beautiful love tragedy.  The memoir is a mixture of truth and falsehood, which is like a maze of consciousness.  The haziness of first love encounter, the huge difference in identity, the missing out on their love, the wane of the family, the man's runaway and return, the woman's falling into a prostitute and her death.  In form, the play gives full play to the lyricism and performance characteristics of Yue opera combining virtuality and reality, blends images and videos into live stage performance, and fuses Yue opera music with electronic music.  The stage designed as a "Memory Garden", the play features a new theatrical performance mode through use of various elements, exploring the interpretation of literature onto theatrical scenes and the conversion from literary rhetoric to theatrical rhetoric, bringing audience an immersive experience into the world of consciousness.



Wang Wanna

Wang Wanna is currently a young actress with Shanghai Yue Opera Troupe, and a representative of a new generation of disciples in "Xu (Yulan) Artistic Style".  She graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, majoring in Xiao Sheng (Young Male Character), and studied under the guidance of Wang Xiuyue, a famous actress, and Qian Huili, a contemporary Yue Opera artist.  Previous Works: Dream of the Red Chamber (Hong Lou Meng), Prince Liu Chen (Bei Di Wang), Chasing Fish (Zhui Yu), The Romance of West Bower (Xi Xiang Ji), Jade Hairpin (Yu Zan Ji), The Legend of Chunxiang (Chunxiang Zhuan), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Zhong Xia Ye Zhi Meng), Twelve Characters (Shi Er Jiao Se), Red Chamber: The Music Theatre of Yue Opera, and many others.

Previous Awards: In 2013, Wang Wanna was selected as one of the top ten contestants in the student category at CCTV Yue Opera Competition, and won the runner-up prize.  In 2017, she received the "Newcomer Award" (Large-scale Works) in Shanghai Stage Art Works Selection Exhibition.  In 2018, she received the "Newcomer Leading Character Award" at the 28th Shanghai Magnolia Drama Performance Awards.  In 2019, she was selected for the 7th Shanghai Literature and Art Award "Young Artists Development Program", and won the "Golden Art Award" in the "Yuemei Zhonghua" National Yue Opera Youth Actors/Actresses Grand Performance.  In 2021, she received the "Silver Award" at the "Leixiang Zhonghua" National Youth Opera Invitational Tournament.  In 2022, she received the Shanghai Youth May Fourth Medal (for Individual).


Zhu Yanming 

Zhu Yanming received her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from Tongji University and her Master degree of Fine Arts (MFA) in Stage Art Design from Shanghai Theatre Academy.  In recent years, Zhu Yanming has been involved in the following productions as a scenic designer: Yue Opera The Dreamer's Reverie (Yi Meng Ren) and Kun Opera Lady Yuefei (Yuefei Furen).  She was the overall planner for the small theater production of Yue Opera Testing the Wife (Shi Qi) and the director and multimedia designer for the contemporary light and shadow show Poets' Dreams of Flowers (Zuihuaing).  She was the multimedia designer for the Yue Opera concert Boudoir (Gui) · Show and the little theater Kun Opera production Peach Blossom and Beauty (Taohua Renmian).  She was the director and the film art designer for Yue Opera microfilms Her (Ta)! and Song of The Fishermen (Yuguang Qu).  Zhu Yanming has also published papers such as The Coexistence of Reality and Illusion - A Perspective on the Development of Stage Art in Yue Opera Reforms and The Breakthrough and Establishment of Traditional Opera Broadcasting in the Era of All-Media.