Contemporary Dance - Hello, WorldOct. 20 - Oct. 21, 2023  Venue Shanghai International Dance Center Experimental Theater

If we stop our thoughts on the world, what would happen to us?  From a first-person perspective, the work raises questions on our familiar world.  From the creator’s view, the answer is not to pursue the ultimate goal, but instead, the act of raising questions itself is already courageous enough.



Zhang Xuefeng 

Independent artist, founder of Crazy Play Body Theater, co-artist with Beijing Dance LDTX.  Graduating from Beijing Dance Academy majoring in modern dance choreography, Zhang Xuefeng has worked as a choreographer and dancer in Dance Ensemble Singapore (DES), Guangdong Modern Dance Company and Beijing Dance LDTX.  During his ten years in the industry, Zhang Xuefeng has created three modern dance dramas, such as The Day of Heaven, The Traveler and the Dream Monopoly Bureau, as well as more than 20 small and medium-sized dance works, such as Eyes, Bolero, One Person One Lamp and A Place.  Zhang Xuefeng has both profound college training and international experience.  His creation is not just fluent in skills, but full of stunningly innovative ideas and humor.