BI-AN 5.0 Hypermedia RecitalNov. 10 - Nov. 11, 2023  Venue Buick Theatre, Shanghai Grand Theatre

 Bi-AN 5.0represents the culmination and further advancement of the Bi-AN Piano Hypermedia series of artistic forms. It continues to expand the boundaries of piano literature, exploring the possibilities of collaborative innovation through means such as live piano performance, automatic piano, contemporary dance, interactive visuals and lighting, interactive sound, AI media generation, creating a hypermedia, sensory interconnected audio-visual space. Anchored by classical and original piano works, it connects the sounds of the past and present from around the world, converging into a borderless historical narrative poem.

Live piano music performance remains the creative starting point for all concepts, media, and technologies, with piano as the source in dimensions of sight/sound and time/space. While breaking through traditional artistic mediums, it upholds the intrinsic value of music and the integrity of sensory experiences.

The selection of the program in this event continues the pattern of dialogue between Chinese and western music compositions, as seen in the Bi-AN series. Among them, young composers Qin Yi and Xu Zhibo, who were previously nominated for the Rising Artists’ Works at the China Shanghai International Arts Festival, bring their new compositions. The highly acclaimed media-upgraded version of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, previously performed in version 3.0, will also be presented. Additionally, the concert will feature works by both Chinese and composers outside China, including Arvo Pärt, György Kurtág and Shao Qing, connecting those enduring sonic memories with new creative concepts and interpretative forms within the river of time.



Bi-AN Hypermedia Studio

Bi-AN Hypermedia Studio is an open-ended creative and production team composed of new media artists, performing artists, composers and engineers. They are dedicated to innovative music composition and performance; collaborative design of traditional and contemporary music with new media technology from both Eastern and Western traditions, as well as practical research and development in electronic music, sound installations, and performance technology. They advocate for interdisciplinary artistic fusion, promotion, and dissemination that transcends cultural, geographical, media, and technological barriers.