Drama Struggle10.26 14:00,19:30  New Space Theatre

 The play Struggle tells a story about three generations looking for, waiting and watching. The performance takes one and a half hours. Wang Wan shan and gai hua was the sweetheart's lover, but they were separated from the change because of the relocation. They met each other and missed because of coincidence. Finally,gai hua married other man .Many years later, Wang Wan shan meet gai hua’s daughter. The fate revolved around him. He was involved in emotional conflicts with Liu Bao er. Their is a question here, is there have true love between each other or only because her mother. They waiting for love or for exile? Many years later, Liu Bao'er’s son, Wang Si hui, felt the imprints and shackles of his father’s ancestors when they encountered love choices again in their adulthood. The blood of the family continues through the transmission of genes, and each generation has a faint interest in the choice of truth love. In order to break through the emotions passed on by the previous generation, everyone has made a self-denying effort to earn a reincarnation.